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Scotland in 2060

By Nick Wright on October 23, 2010
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What might Scotland be like in 50 years' time? For a credible and considered impression, take a look at these five thoughtpieces commendably commissioned by the Scottish Civic Trust. This valuable series of accessible 2-3 page papers covers:
population and demographics land management and food security politics and governance technology and virtual worlds energy and climate change
You're probably busy, so here's my digested read... Scotland in 2060 is likely to have a similar number of people to 2010. There will be more forestry, food and renewable power production - with implications for change in the countryside and around the coast. Governance will be characterised by more local decision-making - and more sharing of decision-making across public, private and voluntary sectors working together. There will be more blending of work and education - for example, more ongoing learning and mature students. And we'll all be drowning in information. Transport, heat and power, and agriculture and industry will have been virtually de-carbonised - so no more petrol and diesel cars. Will we be sitting in electric cars in traffic jams, or walking and cycling to local shops and jobs? I guess that's up to us. The question now is: how should we plan our built and natural environments in response to these possible futures?